Impact Web3

Impact Web3 is made up of Sustainable ADA, PIP, and Domino DAO

Impact Web3 Ecosystem

A company dedicated to using blockchain technology to create positive change and promote sustainability in the world. Various projects work together to create a comprehensive ecosystem and community that can help drive positive impact and sustainability initiatives forward.

We want to interconnect all the Blockchain for Good projects across all blockchains. But keeping a focus on Cardano as it is a leading blockchain for Impact.

Discover the Proof of Impact Platform MVP created by Impact Web3.

Umbrella of Products & Services


Track and trace impact on the blockchain. Connecting impact associations/NGOs to opportunities to scale impact activities.

Domino DAO:

A place to govern and employ a decentralized community for PIP and create an army of impact evaluators and assessors.

Sustainable ADA:

Quality education and research to help educate others and create reliable info on Impact Web3 services.

PIP (Proof of Impact Platform)

  • SaaS company that aims to help citizens financially and morally support the causes and actions carried out by grassroots activists, communities, NGOs, and impact associations.
  • Convert illiquid, unmonetized, and hard-to-measure impact into purchasable, liquid, digital assets. Blockchain-powered platform that enables individuals and organizations to support NGOs and get rewarded for their actions.

Domino DAO

  • Domino DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to govern Impact Web3. The DAO will create the rules and incentives for Impact Web3’s stakeholders.
  • Domino DAO will mint Founding Member passes and manage the platform’s governance tokens, which will allow token holders to participate in the platform’s decision-making process and help grow the community.

At Impact Web3 we have 3 core focus areas:

Education, Onboarding, & Impact Measurement/Investing

Education and Media: Sustainable ADA

  • Providing educational resources on blockchains connection to sustainability and different forms of media to help educate the Impact Web3 ecosystem 

Impact Measurement/Investing: (PIP)

  • From past funded research and our variety of partnerships, we plan to create PIP an Impact Measurement and investment product for impact associations and NGOs to track, trace, and bring more investment to their illiquid and unmonitized impact.

Onboarding: Domino DAO (DD)

  • We will create an onboarding governance ecosystem for impact investors, evaluators, and companies in the Impact Web3 community. A common area for community members to come together and collaborate to create more impact together.

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