PIP – Proof of Impact Platform

What is PIP?

  • The Proof of Impact Platform (PIP) will be a SaaS company aiming to help citizens financially and morally support the causes and actions carried out by grassroots activists, communities, NGOs, and impact associations. The primary products are an easy-to-use app to upload Impact KPI data.
  • Along with a blockchain-powered platform that enables individuals and organizations to support NGOs and impact associations and get rewarded for their actions.

PIP will use blockchain, NFT, and related technologies to capture and showcase the reported and proven impact of NGOs, and associations, through a purchasable Proof of Impact NFT, containing metadata evidence connected to the positive impact beneficiaries have experienced.

Why this approach?

In order to address the challenges of ensuring data quality and providing a means for those underserved and unheard to be heard and included, we have partnered with trusted and reputable local NGOs and impact organizations.

  • We aim to pilot how Web3, and Cardano blockchain technologies can be leveraged for positive social impact as we believe these tools and stakeholders can work in tandem to help accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through a grassroots led approach.
  • Communities will be given the opportunity to develop and acquire digital skills and discover digital economic opportunities.

Proof of Impact NFTs

PIP’s marketplace will make NFTs available for purchase. Smart contracts will automatically send funds from the sale of the NFT to the NGO’s wallet, while also incentivizing users by rewarding them with platform tokens/funds for their actions and needs, that will be redeemable in the growing ecosystem of impact projects and Cardano4Good community.

  • Our proposed solution addresses the challenge by leveraging our expertise in impact measurement and blockchain technology to create the Proof of Impact Platform (PIP).
  • This platform aims to revolutionize the way citizens financially and morally support grassroots activists, communities, NGOs, and impact associations.
  • By utilizing blockchain, NFTs, and related technologies, PIP captures and showcases the reported and proven impact of these organizations through purchasable Proof of Impact NFTs.

RIMBA X Impact Web3 – Proof of Concept

We are going to be testing a Proof of Concept for the PIP platform with Rimba and Indonesian and French NGOs.

Rimba is a non-profit organization and an ecolodge working hand in hand to foster the development of sustainable tourism.

The project, led by Rimba, a non-profit organization and ecolodge, aims to address the challenge of deforestation and biodiversity loss on Sumatra Island, Indonesia, which is experiencing alarming rates of deforestation and threats to its unique ecosystem.

The project focuses on the Muaro Duo nature reserve and seeks to conserve biodiversity-rich habitats through various strategies:

  • Creating new protected forest areas through acquisition of forest concessions: Rimba aims to acquire forest concessions jointly managed by the government, local population, and Rimba to protect wild animals and plants.
  • Improving habitat quality and reducing forest fragmentation through reforestation: Rimba is restoring agricultural land and creating wildlife corridors to increase biodiversity and support forest regeneration.
  • Implementing physical protection of existing and new acquisitions: Setting up forest ranger patrols and visible marking of reserve boundaries to enhance protection.

Proof of Impact NFT Marketplace

We will be soon launching the PIP NFT Marketplace. The first mint is in partnership with Rimba. We are creating the first Proof of Impact NFT’s real-life impact data attached via the metadata.

Rimba Proof Of Impact NFT Drop:

Be a part of history and hold the first-ever real-world Proof of Impact NFTs. Helping scale and enhance the impact generated at the Rimba NGO.