Research connecting Fund 6 Project Catalyst Funded Proposals to Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable ADA   |   Jan 4, 2022

Image by ooceey from Pixabay

During Fund 6 of Project Catalyst, the Cardano community gave their voting power in support of research that establishes the connections between the funded proposals of Fund 6 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Here at Sustainable ADA, I would like to take this opportunity to share some updates resulting from the following funded proposals:

SDG Proposal Framework Tool

As members of the Cardano AIM guild, Sustainable ADA working in collaboration with Lucio, Victor, Phil, Yoram released the first edition of the SDG Proposer Tool available for public use during the proposal submission phase of Fund 7.

Proposers were able to learn of the UN SDGs framework and connect their ideas and projects to the relevant goals, sub goals, and metrics.

To learn more and try out the SDG Proposer Tool for yourself, visit the site at:

Here is a video we made at Sustainable ADA on why and how to use the SDG Proposer Tool:

Connecting Fund 6 funded proposals to the UN SDGs

Collaboration with international bodies working in the developing world will accelerate mass adoption for Cardano´s blockchain solutions.

In order to accelerate mass adoption and work seamlessly with diverse stakeholders from multilateral organisations like UN to national Governments, it is important to be able to understand one another, and

therefore a common language is helpful.

The funded proposals above laid out the plan to research the use and application of one such common language through the prism of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Below are some of the significant findings from our research into how Fund 6 funded proposals are connected to SDGs:

  • 172 Proposals received funding
  • 96% of proposals (161) are related to SDGs
  • 27% (46) directly related to SDGs
  • 69% (115) indirectly related to SDGs
  • 100% (21) of Fund 7 Challenge Setting proposals are related to SDGs
  • 19% (4) directly related to SDGs
  • 81% (17) indirectly related to SDGs
  • Fund 6 SDG related (Direct and Indirect) = $3,072,702
  • Fund 7 SDG related (Direct and Indirect) = $5,575,000

*the figures above are updated from the initial findings shared in the Catalyst Sustainability Goals Conference hosted by Cardano 4 Climate.

Below you can see the video of the first Catalyst Conference Goals conference where the research findings were shared.


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