Sustainable ADA’s Evolution, Growth, and Development within the Cardano Community

Cole Bartlett   |   Jan 3, 2022

Catalyst Boost Camp accelerating Catalyst projects and helping shape young entrepreneurs:

  • Where we started
  • Motivation, guidance, and growth

Adding Value to Sustainable ADA, and Strengthening it From The Core:

  • Further growth to Sustainable ADA
  • Sustainable ADA’s experience with Project Catalyst

Cardano Catalyst Boost Camp, Providing Invaluable Guidance and Resources for Funded Proposals:

  • Overview of Boost Camp
  • 7 steps of the S-E-A-M method
  • Thoughts on the Catalyst Boost Camp from cohort #1 members:
  • Closing thoughts on the Catalyst Boost Camp experience

Personal Growth, Through The UNITE 2030 Youth Delegate Program and Sustainable ADA’s Road Ahead:

  • Joining The Youth Delegate Program
  • The road ahead
  • My final thoughts

Sustainable ADA started from just an idea on a piece of paper, these reflections will focus on how we came to be and the journey to becoming the Sustainable Blockchain Hub we are today. Through this journey, the Sustainable ADA team has been helped shaped by guidance from different members and initiatives from the Cardano community. People, and programs that made an impact on Sustainable ADA, our team, and our ambitions. These different moments and experiences I bring you through have helped me grow personally, and have transformed Sustainable ADA in significant ways. This is a true reflection of all the support and amazing individuals who are thriving and part of the Cardano community.

These reflections focus on how the Catalyst Boost Camp is accelerating Catalyst projects and helping shape young entrepreneurs. Looking at where Sustainable ADA has started, and where we have gained a lot of motivation, guidance, and growth from different community members, and projects. Then a focus on adding value to Sustainable ADA, and strengthening it from the core. Looking at the development of our team, and our experience using the Project Catalyst platform.

From participating in Catalyst I share how this connects to the Cardano Catalyst Boost Camp. How it is providing invaluable guidance and resources for funded proposals in the Cardano community. Looking at the overview of the boost camp, the 7 step SEAM method, and thoughts on the Catalyst Boost Camp experience from other Cohort #1 Members. The final segment looks at my personal growth through the Youth Delegate program, the future road ahead for Sustainable ADA, and some final thoughts on my overall experience and future expectations.

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Catalyst Boost Camp accelerating Catalyst projects and helping shape young entrepreneurs

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