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Partnering to tackle deforestation in Indonesia

Sustainable ADA   |   Nov 9, 2023

Sustainable ADA with their Project Catalyst supported Fund10 proposal are working in partnership with Streets of ADA – A Samsudin Brothers Projek, and Rimba Non Profit Organisation to support efforts to tackle deforestation and mitigate climate change. 

Why are we doing this?

Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change, producing between 6 – 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, because trees also absorb carbon dioxide, removing it from the atmosphere, they help keep the Earth cooler. Climate change aside, forests protect biodiversity.

“Climate change and biodiversity make this a global problem, not a local problem,” says MIT economist Ben Olken. “Deciding to cut down trees or not has huge implications for the world.”

“WE ARE IN A CRISIS: The world remains off track to reach the goals of halting and reversing deforestation and forest degradation by 2030.”

“In 2022, global gross deforestation reached 6.6 million hectares worldwide and was 21 percent higher than needed to eliminate deforestation by 2030.”

“The loss of primary tropical forests reached 4.1 million hectares and is even further off track—the loss was 33 percent higher than the needed trajectory to halt primary forest loss by the end of the decade, Ben further added.”

“This backslide puts forest goals even farther out of reach after the small but insufficient progress made in 2021.”

Indonesia is one of the leading countries with the largest absolute area of deforestation, as shown in the graph below:

Table 1.0 Forest Declaration Assessment, 2023

Staying consistent on the path of sustainability, Sustainable ADA are now working with Rimba as part of a feasibility study, supporting their digital transformation to integrate blockchain tools.

Introducing Our New Platform

Proof of Impact Platform (PIP) is developed by Impact Web3 and Sustainable ADA. Helping non profits and impact organizations monetize their impact through art as activism, addressing the sustainability finance gap through the use of web3, blockchain and NFT tools.

Sustainable ADA are working with artists that will create art represented as proof of impact NFTs. These will include metadata that consist of impact data from on the ground activities carried out by Rimba in west Sumatra, Indonesia. These NFTs will be made available for mint via the Proof of Impact Platform (PIP) being developed by Impact Web3 and Sustainable ADA.

With the vision of adding an equally impactful and meaningful narrative into Cardano, Eastern Townhall approached Sustainable ADA under the premise of their mission and their intent of collaborating with Rimba Non Profit Organisation. Narrative alone, without a vision of financial sustainability will mean facing future challenges to maintain their mission let alone expanding on it, this is a fact that was understood by all parties.

These two factors; creating a sustainable revenue outlet that is aligned with the core values of all parties and in the same breath, introducing a different perspective into Cardano while utilizing existing tech use cases, bonded the three parties.

All parties sought to explore and leverage NFT technology enabled by Cardano, conveniently packaged in such a way that was easy to use thanks to NMKR, becoming our springboard to ping ideas off of one another. Sustainable ADA envisioned the use of NFTs as a means of fundraising to support the mission of Rimba, while Eastern Townhall had a core goal of continuing their education effort of creating a web of universities that support Cardano.

What adds color to the story is the mannerism Eastern Townhall seeks to collaborate and support Sustainable ADA and Rimba, which is through the introduction of an Indonesian based artist, who currently is the only prominent glass-working artist in the country. The alignment of values that interconnects this artist with all parties is their focus on creating glass art from recycled materials. Again, sustainability and impact is always at the forefront for everyone involved.

Together, this artist and their counterpart in Eastern Townhall, although both aware of NFT technology, offer a perspective that is not to be defined by the word NFT. To them NFT is a new canvas, a natural progression of the artworld. Just as the ancient artist decorated cave walls who then stumbled upon animal hide, continued to the creation of the hemp canvas to its evolution into linen, art is always ever changing. What has not changed though is the potential for meaning or emotion which art can evoke.

Through this collaboration, this duo has asked us to read between the lines. To look beyond the cover. To see “The World Beyond The Story”. Where the approach to the phygital artwork is based on the understanding of “Site-Specific Art”. Where NFT itself is a world of its own. Imagine it as a quantum universe.

A congregation of passion in sustainability and impact projects has brought Sustainable ADA, Rimba, NMKR, Eastern Townhall and an eco-conscious artist together, yet there is an even bigger story of decentralization. All of this would not have happened if not for the vision of Cardano Foundation’s Delegation program. The funding behind this is the delegation rewards Eastern Townhall has received from Cardano Foundation’s generous back-to-back delegation.

This is truly the story of Cardano.

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