Blockchain & Sustainability

“What could be the contribution of blockchains with regard to the pursuit of sustainable development?” 

“Can blockchain accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, in a meaningful and sustainable way?”

These questions are explored in a white paper report, Blockchains & Développement Durable(Blockchains and Sustainable Development), created by Blockchain-X, in partnership with l’Institut Louis Bachelier and COREUM Consulting, released June 2020. 

Blockchain & the SDGs: How Decentralisation Can Make a Difference

Blockchain’s use beyond speculative finance is emerging and maturing. In a collaboration between dGen and, they analysed this potential for social good, guided by the UN’s SDGs. 

Twenty-five external experts lent their insights into current and potential applications, from diverse organizations such as: Celo, Duniter, UCL, Affinidy, MineSpider, Cardano, Ethereum, Climate Chain Coalition, Energy Web, and more.

Some of the questions tackled in the report include:

  • How can blockchain make identity more accessible?
  • What can blockchain do for financial inclusion?
  • What does transparency mean for supply chains?
  • How can climate initiatives benefit from blockchain?

Read the report here.

From the Blockchains and Sustainable Development report, all 17 goals are addressed through the case studies of Blockchain & Sustainable Development Use Cases, which impact directly or indirectly our ability to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030:

Examples of how the SDGs are connected to blockchain from “Leveraging Blockchain for Sustainability and Open Innovation: A Cyber-Resilient Approach toward EU Green Deal and UN Sustainable Development Goals” by Paula Fraga-Lamas and Tiago M. Fernández-Caramés.

Frontiers in Blockchain was the first blockchain peer reviewed scientific journal

Blockchain is fundamentally a technology of trust, but transformative possibilities to benefit society more broadly are emerging. As blockchain has trust, openness and transparency built into its design, its benefits are wide-ranging and impact multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).