MAV 100: Pioneering Community-Led Adoption Through Decentralized Telecommunications

Cole Bartlett   |   Nov 28, 2023

Welcome to Sustainable ADA, where we explore the forefront of blockchain technology and its real-world applications. Learn about MAV100, a trailblazing project integrating Cardano into communities through the World Mobile Air Node Network. 

This initiative stands out for its unique approach to promoting decentralized solutions and fostering community engagement in the rapidly evolving digital world.

Vision and Mission

MAV100 is not just a technological endeavor; it’s a movement. The project’s vision is to foster Cardano adoption organically within communities by enabling them to purchase and manage their own World Mobile Air Node Networks. 

This ambitious mission aims to revolutionize how communities interact with technology, ensuring that they are not mere consumers but active participants in the telecommunication sector.

Journey to Innovation

The path to MAV100 began with an idea to create an online meta-verse university, evolving into telecommunications and technology clubs in schools. These clubs are pivotal in running World Mobile Air Nodes and are collaborating with local businesses and entrepreneurs to establish community-owned telecommunications networks. This progression from a simple concept to a comprehensive community solution exemplifies the power of innovation and persistence in the MAV100 team.

“There are many problems we need to solve. 

We are going to work with NMKR on NFT portals for new adopters. We would like to work with projects like Atrium that are building interfaces for new Cardano users. SCAT is teaching new users about how to DTOR and audit solutions. 

We are going to be working with Thesis and Dysmorphia on research efforts that help us analyze our on-boarding effectiveness. We will be talking to VyFi about tokenomics. Optim Finance will be a tool we use to get new School Alliance SPOs bootstrapped. There are many more that I can’t think of off the top of my head. I won’t forget Palmyra though. They will be involved when we start forming community food distribution solutions.” – Cameron Smith

Challenges and Blockchain Solutions

MAV100 addresses critical issues like the high cost of cellular services, poor data connectivity, and privacy concerns. 

“Cell service and data is expensive, poor, and the amount of spying and scraping of personal information is oppressive.  World Mobile has created a decentralized telecommunications service that would prevent data mining by the centralized telecoms. AT&T takes 5 million dollars a month out of the community we are currently working with. Having a community owned network keeps that money in the community.” – Cameron Smith

“The key problem we need to overcome is the negative perceptions most people in the world have of crypto in general. Explaining to them how Cardano really has nothing to do with FTX and is completely and fundamentally different from almost all other cryptocurrencies takes too long. “ – Cameron Smith

By leveraging World Mobile’s decentralized telecommunications service, MAV100 prevents data mining by centralized telecom giants, keeping significant financial resources within the community and promoting privacy. By encouraging community members to participate in the World Mobile network they can earn money from their new sharing economy.

Choosing Cardano: A Strategic Decision

Security and consistency are the pillars of Cardano, and MAV100 recognizes this. 

Cardano’s foundation of immutability is very different from the early banking systems, and its focus on solving real-world problems makes it the ideal platform for MAV100’s objectives.

“The Cardano Community is made up of people like Sustainable ADA that see the true value in using blockchain solutions to improve the lives of real people in communities all over the world. It is people like Sustainable ADA that lead Cardano and make us different than the other blockchains. We are all here to solve difficult long standing historical problems.” – Cameron Smith

About the Team

Cameron Smith and Chris Geren are the founders of MAV100.

“Cameron Smith and I had an incredible talk a few months back and I was very impressed with the project they are developing. This model will be able to be reproduced anywhere in the world and can create great ripple effects allowing community members to take part in the Wolrd Mobile sharing economy.” – Cole Bartlett

Cameron also helped answer our interview questions. 

“We have been looking at ways to get kids, schools, and communities to adopt Cardano for a few years now. Cardano has great solutions for decentralization but the community is missing a strategy to promote adoption. We have found a way to get communities to adopt Cardano organically.” – Cameron Smith

Partnering with World Mobile to Scale Impact

MAV100’s partnership with World Mobile, as part of the World Mobile Partners Programme, is a strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing community-owned connectivity in rural areas. 

This partnership is particularly focused on helping with the development of the community-owned mobile network in Chelan County, Washington. MAV100 and World Mobile are joining forces to support MAV100’s efforts in providing technical and financial assistance to schools for running their own telecommunications and virtual networks​​.

MAV100 addresses the challenges faced by communities in terms of connectivity by introducing decentralized solutions. An important aspect of this collaboration is the redirection of revenue generated by the nodes towards educational programs, providing training in telecommunications and blockchain governance. Through the partnership, MAV 100 will acquire a World Mobile Portal AirNode package for its community-owned wireless network. This will help enable MAV100 to create partnerships with local entities to expand networks and contribute to great community development. 

The use of their Community Cooperative Membership NFTs plays a crucial role in engaging communities and local businesses, fostering a sense of ownership and active participation in decentralized networks​​.


Sustainable Development Goals and Community Impact

Sustainable Development Goals

MAV100’s impact on sustainability is profound. By helping communities create and maintain their own assets, starting with telecommunications networks, MAV100 is setting a template for sustainable community development. 

This initiative aligns with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoting economic growth, sustainable cities, and communities, and quality education.

“In the future one of our plans is to work with Missions and NGOs that help communities in less affluent countries. Imagine if your church group or non-profit can sell some NFTs to buy some equipment and on your next Aid Trip to a small community you take some students with you who install a star link dish hooked up to some air nodes that provides cell coverage and internet over a couple square kilometers. Or you could install a water tower. Or an electricity generation plant.” – Cameron Smith

SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth:

SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

MAV100 contributes to economic growth in local communities by establishing community-owned telecommunications networks. This initiative ensures that the financial resources typically spent on services provided by large, centralized telecom companies are retained within the community. By enabling communities to own and manage World Mobile Air Node Networks, MAV100 fosters local entrepreneurship and creates job opportunities, particularly in the installation and maintenance of these networks. Their project model of using Community Cooperative Membership NFTs for funding these networks introduces innovative financial mechanisms that stimulate local economic activity and investment.

SDG 11 Sustainable Cities, and Communities:

SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

MAV100’s approach to helping build decentralized telecommunication networks directly supports the development of sustainable cities and communities. By empowering communities to own their communication infrastructure, MAV100 promotes sustainable urban development. This model encourages community participation in decision-making and management, enhancing local governance and community cohesion. 

SDG 4 Quality Education:

SDG 4 Quality Education

MAV100’s approach to helping build decentralized telecommunication networks directly supports the development of sustainable cities and communities. By empowering communities to own their communication infrastructure, MAV100 promotes sustainable urban development. This model encourages community participation in decision-making and management, enhancing local governance and community cohesion. 

The link between the DAO managing the assets and supporting local education further emphasizes MAV100’s commitment to enhancing educational opportunities within the community.

Exciting Updates and Future Plans

The MAV100’s Community BETA Test in Chelan County, WA, marks a significant milestone. This test, involving schools, students, and local businesses, aims to establish a community-owned network funded by the MAV100 Community.

MAV 100 Seed NFT

“This BETA Network will be made up of mobile units for testing and will become the core of our Mobile Air Node Network that travels to events like concerts, sporting events, and disaster relief efforts. Chelan County will then have a CCM NFT sale to build the first community owned network that we will design based off of what we learn during the BETA test.” – Cameron Smith

“We have several schools, dozens of students, and hundreds of community members and businesses in Chelan County, WA that are organizing to purchase a BETA Test World Mobile Air Node Network.” – Cameron Smith

MAV 100 is launching a Seed NFT sale. This innovative approach not only fosters community ownership but also provides a sustainable financial model for future growth. Chelan County will  have a CCM NFT sale to “build the first community owned network that we will design based off of what we learn during the BETA test.”

NFT Seed Whitelist:

Get Involved

Sustainable ADA readers can participate in this revolutionary project by supporting the Seed NFT Sale, investing in Community Cooperative Membership NFTs, and encouraging local schools to start Telecommunications and Technology clubs. 

MAV100’s template is designed for widespread adoption, allowing anyone to contribute to this community-led revolution.

MAV100 is not just a project; it’s a paradigm shift in how communities engage with blockchain technology. By empowering communities to own and manage their telecommunications networks, MAV100 is paving the way for a more connected, sustainable, and decentralized future.

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