Key Takeaways from the Cardano Summit 2021 through a Sustainable ADA Lens

Cole Bartlett   |   Oct 31, 2021

Sustainable ADA – Cardano Summit 2021

You made me believe in people again…You made me believe that there are no problems we cannot solve and no mountains we cannot scale – Cardano Founder, Charles Hoskinson.

Together Cole Bartlett and Razali Samsudin make up the founding team of Sustainable ADA. Cole had the privilege of representing Sustainable ADA at the Cardano Summit 2021 Wyoming meetup.

Cole shares his thoughts below, having spent the day with legends in the Cardano community such as James Dunseith, Co-Founder of Gimbalabs, shown below standing on the right.

“The Cardano Summit was a breathtaking event, where I got to learn, converse, and meet new members of the community. My biggest takeaway from the event was sharing and connecting with community members in person. It was mesmerizing connecting with members whom I’ve been speaking with online over the past year. Like James from Gimbalabs!”

“While speaking and meeting Charles I shared a couple of words about Sustainable ADA. He suggested using the Catalyst Idea Scale platform to help get our ideas rolling.

I was able to share our past experiences with Charles and how Sustainable ADA has participated in Catalyst Funds 4, 5, & 6.

To solidify this amazing moment he gave me a huge fist bump.”

Sustainable ADA is the only project connecting the dots in the Cardano ecosystem and beyond by bringing sustainable news media and insights into projects that are having and seeking to build a better world for all.

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