Cardano NFT Collection Motley Moon

Sustainable ADA   |   Dec 6, 2022

Motley Moon is a collection of 6,666 hand-drawn PFP-style NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain.

It is a collaborative passion project created by a team of two sisters, out of their love for art, NFTs, community, and the Cardano ecosystem.

Motley Moon Team

The Motley Moon team is made up of both Moonbeamr the (artist); and thinkgrowcrypto in charge of the (logistics). The Art is from Moonbeamrs journey as an artist and helps represent her uniqueness and distinctive artistic style.

Vision and Mission

“The art was inspired by my own journey (as the artist) with learning to embrace the sides that make me different and unique, and I wanted to create something that would encourage others on their own journey of self-love and acceptance. “

“Additionally, as a PFP project, we wanted to bring a sense of variety for characters and attributes through male and female characters and a variety of attributes, where collectors can find their NFT(s) with the combination that resonates with them and represents them the most.”

“Lastly, as blockchain and Cardano enthusiasts, we wanted to create a project that would further support the vision of Cardano, through decentralization- and community-focused strategies.” – Moonbeamr

Why create Motley Moon?

Thinkgrowcrypto, is a stake pool operator of the 21ada stake pool. She was already involved in the Cardano community prior to NFTs. But once NFTs came to Cardano, both her and her sister started collecting them and fell in love with the CNFT community.

“From there, we knew we wanted to contribute to the space according to our specific skills, knowledge, and passion – her expertise in Cardano, my art, and our overall love for the space.” – Moonbeamr

What challenges does blockchain and other related technologies help to solve?

The Motley Moon team believes that “the disruption of the Trad Fi systems is the biggest thing we see blockchain engaging”. Seen with other blockchain projects like Bitcoin, which has been proven to be reliable and secure.

They think the next revolution around the blockchain industry will be with Defi, sovereign identity solutions, and governance.

Why Cardano of all the Blockchains?

They chose Cardano because Moonbeamr was introduced to it through Charles’ AMAs. Moonbeamr saw how blockchain fixed so many real world problems and how Cardano was going about their scientific and peer-reviewed way of proving important concepts.

Also, the team chose Cardano because “it also has an amazing growing community all over the world”.

The Moonbeamr NFT

Their approach to the project has been to create something that looked uniquely different and that challenged the norms in the space.

“Our goal has been to challenge norms and push boundaries, so we are continually looking for different ways to do so, as opposed to taking common approaches.”

“The reason for doing this is because we want to see this space grow. For example, we took a unique approach to our WL. Instead of hyping up our project the conventional way, we took a unique strategy that used WL as a way to incentivize staking and further decentralization of the network”.

“In order to be granted a whitelist spot for a project, you had to be staking your Cardano wallet with a community stake pool. Moving forward, this is an example of the moves we want to make, where we feel that we are making a difference with this project.”

The Motley Moon team has plans to collaborate with other people in Cardano and NFT projects within the ecosystem. They are big fans of a variety of projects in the ecosystem and are excited to bring unique collaborations to the Cardano NFT space.

Challenges within the Blockchain & NFT Space

“I think for now the greatest challenge is trying to explain blockchain and NFTs to people who ask about them. There isn’t really anything tangible that you can show to help break it down.”

“Also, there is still the perception that crypto is a fad and NFTs even more so. Our goal is to bring tangible pieces to start conversations and break the ice and misconceptions.” – Moonbeamr

The Motley Moon NFTs

The Motley Moon NFT was created/minted using the Buffy Bot. At Buffy Bot, they offer a wide-range of services that will help bring anyone’s “NFT project to life, whether you are artist, crypto enthusiast or investor”.

The utility behind the NFTs is currently “the art as well as being able to be involved in the future decisions of the project”. The Motley Moon team wants the community to have a say in the future of the project and this is given to holders by owning a NFT from the collection.

In the collection, they are minting 6666 NFTs. The policy ID of their NFTs is (1a6d92b8b5a08ea101274853632e84819a8ab02d15461fdf98dbb96f).

Who owns the rights to the NFTS?

“Our collectors currently own rights up to a certain dollar amount for commercial uses. Past this specified amount, collectors have to consult with us for permission to use for further commercial purposes. We are considering changing this. But right now, we put a little limit on the rights as this project holds such a close place in our hearts and we want to make sure the art is used in a way that isn’t harmful in any way.” – Moonbeamr

What about royalties?

“Yes, we have 5% royalties. I believe that royalties are very important for the longevity of the project. The initial sale is a great way to fund the future of the project, but further secondary sales and the royalties can incentivize and fund further building within the project.” – Moonbeamr

What are your thoughts on the future of the NFT space?

“We are looking to further the adoption of crypto, blockchain, and NFT technology in the real world as well as the on-boarding of many more people!” – Moonbeamr

Motley Moon’s connection to the Sustainable Development Goals:

The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an urgent call for action by all countries. This enables countries to create global partnerships that work towards achieving these goals. The goal is to achieve the SDGs, which are built upon decades of work by countries and the UN.

Blockchain technology is a key technology for the SDGs because it enables stakeholders globally to have the ability to track, record, and share data that is immutable, timestamped, and verifiable.

Motley Moon NFTs have a direct connection to SDG 3 Good Health & Wellbeing, and SDG 5 Gender equality.

How to get involved?

“If you like our art and the story behind our project, you can get involved by minting a piece or buying off the secondary market. The more members we have in our community, the merrier!” – Moonbeamr

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