Cardano Lakes NFT By Jan Drenovec

Sustainable ADA   |   Apr 5, 2022

Cardano LakesJan Drenovec

Having discovered the Cardano Lakes image above online, Sustainable ADA went on a mission to find the creator, and to see if we could speak with the artist behind this dreamy vision!

The artwork of the Cardano Lakes NFT was created by Jan Drenovec, and he decided no better way to make it a part of history than to mint it as an NFT for Sustainable ADA to be the one and only holders!

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Jan is a commercial illustrator and designer. He works mainly for the gaming industry, where he creates marketing materials and promotional graphics.

According to Jan, the blockchain can help with current challenges such as accessibility and ownership. He likes the framework of being completely in control of your own assets and the innovative governance systems blockchain provides.

What are NFT’s:

A NFT is a Non-Fungible Token. Non-fungible means it can not be easily changed or replaced. NFTs are digital assets and each is unique and has a separate signature or id. With NFTs you hold these tokens on the blockchain, and you don’t hold a physical copy of the asset.

Jan’s Mission for Cardano Lakes:

“My mission was to represent as many aspects of Cardano in a single illustration. I tried to illustrate different emerging markets being connected by connecting them through the network (stake pools), while giving the opportunity to everyone. On top of the illustration are also represented 5 planets, which symbolize 5 different eras.” – Jan

Why Create Cardano Lakes?

“I have been following the cryptocurrency space for over three years now, and Cardano along with Charles Hoskinson really inspired me to contribute some of my time and help promote the Cardano Ecosystem.” – Jan

Why Jan chose Cardano?

“Best of all worlds. It is super easy to use and I really value the academic approach to research and development.” – Jan

Cardano is the sustainable blockchain, and Jan hopes that his artwork will help introduce more people to the Cardano community and more people to sustainable development.

Cardano’s connection to sustainable development, is one of the biggest reasons why he chose to depict this ecosystem.

How the NFT was created:

The Cardano Lakes NFT was minted using the NFT minting service NFT, and there is only one copy, found in the Sustainable ADA wallet.

Cardano Lakes NFT:

NFT is a way for people to mint NFTs. NFT Maker is a toolset consisting of a web app and accompanying API that enables you to create, manage, and sell NFTs at scale on the Cardano blockchain. It has been built to empower large projects with a smooth sales and distribution process.


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Twitter: @Drenove

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