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Adding value to Sustainable ADA, and strengthening it from the core

Sustainable ADA   |   Jan 4, 2022

Further Growth to Sustainable ADA:

Six months ago I had the honor and privilege to meet Razali Samsudin while taking part in a Project Catalyst Town Hall. These town halls take place weekly. Over the course of the last six months, Razali and I have been developing and shaping Sustainable ADA into what it is today.

Razali joined the team as a Co-Founder back in June 2021. Raz has really helped strengthen our team by bringing his professional experiences and knowledge with Education, Economics, Sustainability, and how blockchain technology can be harnessed for good.

Through this experience of building Sustainable ADA side by side, I have learned so much from Raz and he has helped me grow and evolve as a person. He has truly strengthened the core of our team and we will continue to grow and evolve together in this strong friendship as we work to grow the Sustainable ADA community, and reach our goals and ambitions.

My biggest takeaway from Raz has been that Education is one of the most important aspects of life. That you should never stop learning, or trying to learn new things. Because we are on an educational journey for life that is constantly evolving and shifting. He has helped me find a new passion and love to continue to learn new things and to take every experience or learning opportunity I possibly can. In turn helping me grow and shape both my intellectual and personal values. Enabling me to strive to do my very best, and continuously develop new skills throughout life. Razali has helped me strengthen Sustainable ADA and help me grow as a person, and I couldn’t thank him enough for this valuable learning journey we are on together.

The Sustainable ADA team’s goals are to create long term positive impacts. Our goal is to bridge people into a world where they are welcomed on their lifelong learning journey and invited into the Cardano community, ultimately enabling and empowering visitors to discover, acquire and nurture an appreciation of what blockchain is, its limitations, and its possibilities.

Sustainable ADA’s Experience with Project Catalyst:

After applying and learning from both funds 4 and 5, along with lots of support from different Cardano community members, Razali and I were able to construct a strong proposal which focused on our goals and ambitions for Sustainable ADA, and the Cardano community’s goals as well. We submitted a proposal focused on helping Grow Cardano, and Grow Africa.

With this funding, we would have more capacity for focusing on sharing stories from change agents in Africa and the diaspora, who are engaging with Cardano in cascading disruption, creating a better tomorrow, today. Thanks to the Cardano community and the use of their voting power from holding and staking ADA, we successfully secured the funding we were seeking! This has helped our vision and mission take significant steps forward having secured these crucial and helpful funds.

Our goal is to further grow Sustainable ADA and fulfill our promise to the community for helping get our project funded. We plan to continue to highlight the work that Wada is doing and the impactful stories from their growing interconnected community spread across Africa and beyond. Success will be shown by reaching members from both the Cardano community and non-Cardano community to share and showcase the stories and strategies from using Cardano’s blockchain technology; to improve the communities, businesses, and lives of anyone living across the continent.

We are sharing how Cardano is considered the best, most sustainable public block-chain operating in Africa. Looking in depth at how Cardano’s projects in Africa are not isolated but networked and growing. We have helped start to share the impact of blockchain and Project Catalyst through our Wada Catalyst Conference Videos. These videos help showcase the impacts blockchain can have in Africa and the diaspora. With a focus on how Project Catalyst can be used as an innovative driving force to create and help fund and support projects through Africa and beyond.

As a funded proposer, I also had the pleasure to participate in a new incubator/accelerator program called the Catalyst Boost Camp; I was in cohort #1, the first Catalyst Boost Camp in the history of Project Catalyst.

Continue to the next part of the journey!

Cardano Catalyst Boost Camp, Providing Invaluable Guidance and Resources for Funded Proposals

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