NFT Rescue: Helping distribute global resources in support of all life on Earth.

Sustainable ADA   |   Dec 6, 2022

Vision and Mission of NFT Rescue

NFT Rescue Foundation, distribute global resources in support of all life on Earth.

Helping to build a sustainable future we support depends on NFT Rescue Foundation’s “Senior Officers, Board of Directors, Volunteers, Donors and Contributors to ensure this mission is attained”.

NFT Rescue supports causes on a global scale, and their ambassadors travel to regions in need and give the foundation first-hand reports of all much-needed necessities and their progress.

Everyone is dedicated to one goal.

To revive our planet and all life on it, by creating opportunities through networking and problem solving“we will change everyone’s world”.

What does NFT Rescue Do?

The NFT Rescue Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit. Founded on January 03 2022, by James Ballester, with the goal of bringing awareness to the illicit slaughter of wild horses who are abandoned or abused animals sold to slaughter.

Since its founding, NFT Rescue Foundation, Inc. has expanded globally. It engages and promotes a sustainable future for a well-balanced, global humanity that depends on the resources of our planet.

NFT Rescue Foundation, Inc. started out with a few volunteers. It has since grown, and now as it grows its network and volunteer base, NFT Rescue Foundation has been able to implement a myriad of rescue operations through its network of NGOs worldwide.

Who is behind NFT Rescue?

James Ballester is the founder of NFT Rescue. His goal is to “build an everlasting legacy for generations to come who participate and are encouraged by our missions. By providing resources for individuals within our community and supporting organizations to help build a better future for humanity Infinitum.”

More About the Team:

The team as it stands today is composed of The Founder, President, Vice President, Sec. Tres. Along with the legal team. The NFT Rescue team also is accompanied by a dedicated grant-writing team of four women that seek out assistance and funding for the procurement of their ever-growing projects.

“Our mission is not to change the world, but rather change everyone’s world. A world in peril never rests, and neither shall we.” – James Ballester

Why Create NFT Rescue?

“A myriad of serendipitous occurrences leads to this foundation becoming what it is today. An ever evolving resource for support of nature and all life on earth. If I were to mention one thing. I would say that everyone’s path and or purpose in life, occurrences that are positive or detrimental in the moment, are all designed to help you become the person you are today.”

“By combining past experiences and talents, creation of great things just come together once you realize what you would want your true end game to be.” – James Ballester

Why Cardano?

NFT Rescue chose Cardano of all blockchains because they found Cardano was special compared to other ecosystems.

“Of all the blockchains we examined, and those we were offered to join with substantial resources”.

“We found Cardano to be more than just a Blockchain”.

“As a philanthropy, we support all life. Human, animal, and the planet. Cardano is just that. A Decentralized Blockchain that offers support for humanity by giving those with or without technological talents the ability to create, grow, and prosper as individuals”.

“Cardano is an Ecosystem that is ever evolving and prospering with amazing ideas and technologies.” – James Balleste

Connecting Cardano to the Beauties of Earth

“Imagine the Great Barrier Coral Reef in Australia. Every living thing interlaces with each other to form the beauty of life full of vibrant colors and purpose.”

“We chose Cardano because it represents all life on earth. Each project, no matter how vast or small, thrives on the Cardano Blockchain because of one thing. Its community is a family. “

“However with a thriving community, come predators. The family that is Cardano, is always there in support to encourage the weak, while protecting the Ecosystem as a whole. In truth and transparency.” – James Ballester

Why is this project important?

NFT Rescue has created a philanthropic business model that facilitates a combination of both Fiat and Crypto Assets. The NFTs they create are classified as real property by the Internal Revenue Service and can also be contributed.

All NFTs are represented as real property and have a tangible value based on the purchase/sale history of these items. This allows contributors to receive added taxation benefits by using their philanthropy model. At the same time, NFT holders are perpetuating almost twice the resources raised for causes.

Further creating a royalty for the artists or creators of the NFTs received from our donors through a smart contract.

Plans to collaborate with other projects on Cardano

NFT Rescue is currently in talks with Ninh Tran from Snapbrilla, who has agreed to assist their team in attaining the proper talent from within the Cardano community to fully automate their philanthropy business model. By utilizing the Cardano blockchain ecosystem.

The Model:

  1. Designed to generate reciprocal resources for the different causes they support.
  2. The model will allow donors to increase their taxation credibility.
  3. Generate royalties for all the artists and creators within the Cardano projects who support NFT Rescue and its philanthropic model, along with bringing utility to each NFTs involved.

Challenges the project helps solve

“Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. With strong beliefs and pure intentions, everyone can build and continue building within the Cardano EcoSystem. Regardless of environmental issues outside of the Cardano Ecosystem, the projects and development platforms will still function and continue to surpass all other Blockchains.” – James Ballester

Connection to the Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an urgent call for action by all countries. This enables countries to create global partnerships that work towards achieving these goals. The goal is to achieve the SDGs, which are built upon decades of work by countries and the UN.

Blockchain technology is a key technology for the SDGs because it enables stakeholders globally to have the ability to track, record, and share data that is immutable, timestamped, and verifiable. NFT Rescue is helping work toward the SDGs through the different projects and phylacteric work they do and their NFT models for helping fund different causes.

NFT Rescue is affiliated with a myriad of collectives and NGO’s worldwide. One of our most prominent collaborators is with ConnectAid International. Founded by Gaelle Mogli, former U.N. spokesperson on human rights and sustainable development.

Gaelle has brought together a huge network of SDG organizations NFT Rescue personally interacts with through their very own social impact media platform.

NFT Rescue shows a strong connection to an array of Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG 4 Quality Education, SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation & SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing

Connect to SDG 3 & 6 through working with an organization that brings water wells to communities without clean running water. To help with farming and sustainable water consumption. NFT Rescue is connected to SDG 4 through their collaboration with ConnectAid International. To raise awareness of the importance of educating and supporting future generations. They also support Youths Energy who works to provide education and job placement for graduates.

SDG 2 Zero Hunger, SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing

NFT Rescue shows a connection to SDG 2 & 3 through their new collaboration with Cornucopia Game to provide resources for world food programs.

SDG 16 Peace Justice and Strong Institutions

NFT Rescue is connected to SDG 16 by collaborating with The Warrior Foundation and project CAMO ( Cardano Alliance for Military Outreach. They are bringing awareness to the 22 military veterans who commit suicide daily in the USA due to loss of purpose and the inability to blend back into civilian life and responsibilities.

SDG 4 Quality Education, SDG 5 Gender Equality, 10 Reduced Inequalities

Another connection is to SDG 4, 5, & 10 by working with One Free World International. They are dedicated in supporting children’s human rights and saving them from predators looking to traffick them for personal gain.

Support and Join NFT Rescue

NFT Rescue Foundation is looking for passionate volunteers for our board of directors that have a cause in mind they would love to work with.

NFT Rescue will train and support these project’s growth to the point the cause becomes self funding, and to provide the necessary support to apply as their own 501c3.

After approval, the project can choose to continue to grow with the support of the NFT Rescue Foundation, or simply branch off as an independent 501c3.

This new opportunity they are creating is unheard of in the philanthropic industry.

“Our goal is that everyone who wishes to get involved with NFT Rescue has an opportunity to grow as individuals as well”. – James Ballester

News to Share


Currently, they are waiting for their first philanthropic grants which will go towards project developments.

“Our goal is to raise continuous funding in support from outside our Ecosystem as well as within. This will in turn support and fund additional growth for Cardano by bringing in new talents and creators to grow the Cardano Ecosystem even further.” – James Ballester

Tax Credits

“Projects that are realizing their gains have huge tax implications. Many of which are not understood by many project developers. When realizing your gains into Fiat currency, an exchange is used. Many exchanges are required to collect personal data and report the transactions to your local Government for taxation. Much like an employer has to report your earnings to ensure proper taxation is paid for your gains.” – James Ballester

NFT Rescue will help assist individuals and projects by providing tax credits in exchange for their contributions.

These credits, whether Fiat, Crypto or Real Property NFTs are applied against your liabilities thus reducing the amount of tax owed. Anyone in the USA can contribute a maximum of 50% of your taxable gains.

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