Algae Token: A modern sustainable farming system built on Cardano’s blockchain

Cole Bartlett   |   Jul 13, 2022

Algae token is a Cardano based project that is working towards a modern day sustainable farming system and their solution can produce high yields and some of the most nutritious food on the planet.

Mission of Algae Token

Algae Token aims to create modern sustainable farming systems that provide the highest yield and nutrient dense food on the planet, microalgae.

With remarkable nutritional properties, delivering algae products into mainstream markets, can assist with many current and emerging global challenges: health issues related to diet and malnutrition; algae absorb massive amounts of CO2 to help reduce global warming; the best source of protein and Omega-3 they reduce the need to harvest the oceans; they even have the potential to replace fossil fuels in the future.

Algae Token will invest in production systems with high returns that are reinvested back into the Token, these funds will allow more farms to be continually established.

Functionality of the token includes the use of smart contracts for supply chain tracking and quality control, a blockchain system named, ‘Pond to Plate’. The authentication and product tracking service based on blockchain will help to prevent counterfeiting, supply chain tracking and quality control.

Token holders will be rewarded for participation in project development and planned functionality aspects of the token such as staking pools, liquidity, and governance.

Vision of Algae Token

Algae Token aims to educate the global community about algae and its merits to enable them to practice algal cultivation for combating various current world’s environmental problems which includes global warming, water pollution, greenhouse gas emission and improve nutrition for the world’s population.

The long-term vision of this project is to establish a farming system that protects mother earth and to help the future generations lead healthy and sustainable lives.

Algae Token Team

CEO – Dylan Kreis

“I have degrees in Chemical Engineering and Information systems, I’m always researching ways to solve some of earth’s serious problems. Wanting to find a solution to climate change issues and help people and the animals of our planet. My skills lead firstly to replacing our carbon fuels with a sustainable product. I investigated biofuels but quickly found an even more serious problem, we are running out of food to feed the people and animals of our planet.

So, this left me searching for a way to solve climate issues, food, and fuel shortages. I found a solution, Algae.

Algae currently produces more oxygen on our planet than trees, it is an exceptionally high source of protein and high value nutrients, and is the only plant that can successfully replace fuel.” – Dylan Kreis

Algae Token Team

How did the Project Start?

The team met each other while working and researching at The University of Queensland, in Australia.

They are all microalgae specialists, who are working as consultants. Helping implement the design, construction, commissioning, and maintenance of commercial microalgae farms globally.

“We discussed the benefits of the blockchain and decided it would be an excellent social impact enterprise.” – Algae Token Team

How does Blockchain help solve these issues?

“The blockchain provides the opportunity for a ledger to store important business and analytical data. Smart contracts allow for democratized governance, rewards, quality control, and supply chain tracking. The blockchain enables a unique opportunity to allow our business model to provide profit sharing to Algae Token holders.” – Dylan Kreis

Why Cardano of all the Blockchains?

“As engineers and scientists, we are continually providing research articles which are peer reviewed, just as Cardano peer review their technologies.

This makes sense that the protocol is built correctly, to be sustainable, adaptable, secure, and decentralized. As the Cardano nodes are proof of stake, this is environmentally sound, with lower energy costs. We would like to help Cardano reach a net zero carbon footprint, or possibly even better.” – Algae Token Team

How Algae Token Connects to the UN SDGs?

The Algae Token project is extremely SDG positive. Focusing on nearly all 17 goals and saying “it may be the most sustainable project on the planet.”

This is because of three essential resources Food, Feed, and Fuel can easily be produced from algae.

Microalgae are microscopic plants that grow very fast, and can more than double every day. Algae is a more efficient production system than land based plants, with high oil content and protein yields (healthier than Soybeans).


Algae is an excellent food source, high in long chain omega-3s such as EPA for Heart Health and DHA for Brain Development. It is an excellent source of Vegan friendly plant-based protein, high in minerals, vitamins, carotenoids and other phytonutrients.


Algae cultivation and growth does not compete with current food production, it does not require fresh water or precious arable land. There is an excellent opportunity to replace current land-based production of animal feedstock and human protein with Algae biomass and oils.

Algae is an exceptional organic food recognized for its high value nutraceutical and medical benefits.

Solutions to climate change:

Algae is a carbon neutral energy source, consuming CO2. Currently algae produces more than half the world’s oxygen, yes, more than trees.

Algae Token has plans to actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere and feed it directly to the microalgae which in turn produces Oxygen. Algae is a renewable energy source with reduced emissions.

Fuel and renewable products:

As crude oil deposits are depleted (Petroleum is fossilized algae) the world searches for clean energy. A solution is algal biomass which can be used as an energy source, fuel, and oil.

Algae is a secure energy source. Aside from biofuels and high value products are products of Algae as well as biodegradable plastic products, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, dyes, pigments and confectionery.

Algae can also be used for the purification of wastewater, there is not much that Algae can’t do.

The Algae Token will create many new jobs, continue global research into fuel and food and increase education into the benefits of Algae.

Updates from Algae Token

“We have recently just trademarked our logo and signed with Genius-X launchpad, we will be working with them to further grow and develop the Algae Token project.”

Keep an eye on the Algae Token project and Genius-X for announcements on Presale and Public Token launches.

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  • A climate based game.
  • ‘Pond to plate’ a Smart Contract Supply Chain System.

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